Environmental policy

Respect for the environment and natural resources, together with attention to limiting energy consumption, are a goal that the Del Conca Group has always consistently and carefully pursued. Our goal is to provide our clients with an aesthetically attractive and high-tech product that has been created with respect for the environment.  The Del Conca Group’s Environmental Policy can be summarized in the following points:

1. Awareness training for our employees about environmental problems and energy saving.

2. Careful selection of our suppliers following criteria of attention to environmental awareness.

3. Elimination of industrial water waste produced during the manufacturing process through their complete internal re-use, as well as authorized recovery of third party water waste.

4. Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in line with Kyoto Protocol requirements.

5. Recovery in the manufacturing cycle of unfired processed materials.
6. Separate waste collection and transfer to authorized companies for recycling. 7. Reduction of external sound pollution.
8. The characteristics of Del Conca products allow for their post-consumer use insubstrates to provide stability to roads or buildings without posing a threat to the environment.

9. Continuous updating of our environmental policy.

The Del Conca Group annually prepares a report on its environmental performance, comparing it with the INTEGRATED POLLUTION PREVENTION & CONTROL, Environmental Integrated Authorization Directive 2008/1/EC, and the BEST AVAILABLE TECHNIQUES in the ceramic manufacturing industry.