“Les Buissonnets”- Congo

Del Conca cheers for Father Marcellino Project: “Les Buissonnets” School complex  in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) Del Conca group decided to support the humanitarian project of the San Marinian missionary Father Marcellino by adopting one of the kindergarten classes of the “Les Buissonnets” School complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and therefore facilitating the completion of the on-going program. The project is about one of the poorest suburbs in the city of Lubumbashi, capital city of the Katanga region, lacking in any infrastructure, without power, roads and water. The school is already running and in 2007 there were around 600 kids enrolled. The school complex is run as a private school and therefore not state-subsidized, even if it is authorized and recognized by the competent authorities. Actually education is one of the many sore points of this country, even though it should be one priority in the agenda. Teachers are not paid, and when they are, their wage is around 10 dollars a month, paid off several months late. This is leaving on the families the burden of the tuition fees, forcing them to give it up. Father Marcellino and his mission are helping kids to gain access to basic education by granting an assured daily meal, in a place where nothing is sure. This meal becomes the real attraction for those kids who don’t understand the importance of education in such a tough and cruel environment, facing problems much bigger than them. Father Marcellino (real name Claudio Forcellini) was born on December 6, 1930 in Paris, but he is a citizen of the Republic of San Marino and the only barefooted Carmelite from this tiny independent state. As a missionary in one of the most remote area of Africa he defied, and survived, political conflicts, economic distresses, malaria, colitis, high fever, never giving up, but always continuing to face the daily life, holding hands of the most distressed people in the world, those with just one goal in life: survive to the next day.
Father Marcellino needs all of us to help them. For more info on how to give a contribution: www.padremarcellino.com [email protected]