The three-day Valencia test did not turn out to be the most favourable one for Team Del Conca Gresini Moto3 as due to weather conditions the riders were unable to stay on track for as long as they would have liked.

Despite the reduced track-time, Jorge Martin has already managed to get up to speed as he topped the combined timesheets of the three days, courtesy of a 1’39.615 lap-time. The young Spaniard worked hard with his crew on the engine brake as he completed 18 laps today and all during the central session of the day.

Fabio Di Giannantonio and his crew worked on getting the right feeling with the front-end of his Honda NSF250RW as he tried to get some speed back without looking at the stopwatch.

It is already time for the team to focus on the next test at Jerez taking place on March 6-7-8 but before that, the team presentation will take place the week before on February 27.

“We were able to get on track for only one session and we worked hard on the engine brake, which was the thing that gave us some head-scratching. I think we did a good job given the little time available and we can now go to Jerez hoping to make the most of those three days – as we haven’t been particularly lucky here.”

“It was way too cold this morning so we chose to not get out on track to avoid unnecessary risk. We only had the second session available, but we could use it to get a first direction on how to improve the bike set-up. We didn’t even look at the times because as I already said, it was too much of a risk to ride hard with this cold, especially in the first test of the year. We will reunite again in Jerez and I hope we’ll be able to put in some more continuing work with more favourable conditions, so we can improve the front-feeling.”