Inspired by an icon of silent films, the actress Louise Brooks, Valentina is one of the most renowned comic book characters in the world: the only female main character. Beloved by men, for whom she embodies an elegant and sensual world, and by women as a symbol of independence and charm.
Although she’s a dreamer, nonetheless Valentina lives in a believable world. Her birthday, ID card, son, job, car, clothes, household objects: it’s all there, a snapshot of a very convincing everyday life.
Valentina first appeared in the magazine Linus in 1965, and quickly became a symbol of the Sixties and Seventies, and continued to reflect the fashions and trends of later decades as well. Her style, original and cutting-edge, makes her incredibly up-to-date, even today. Her complex, well-rounded personality, led many women to identify with her.
In addition to comic book stories, she’s also starred in a film, a TV series and a book.
Today, she has a universal and timeless look that translates well into sophisticated and elegant products. Her personality enabled her to spring free from her narrative origins to be reborn as a contemporary icon.

Valentina is back again in the most glamorous collection by Del Conca, featuring classic black and white, and available in two décors. The first, 50×20, for vertical installations, is dominated by the character’s stunning physique. In the second one, 20×50, for horizontal installations, flashes of red recall the author’s attention to detail, and the break his pen strokes represented in the world of comic books.