Large slabs and large planks are coming…

The Del Conca Group continues to grow, always tackling fresh new challenges. The path the Group took on several years ago now features an historic investment plan, unique in the sector considering their size.

 The doubling of the production capacity at the US facility of Del Conca USA has been nearing completion just these past few months, with an investment of 30 million dollars, in addition to the 50 invested for construction, which was completed in 2014. At the same time, in the first quarter of 2016, the related Pastorelli SpA completed studies on a layout for its own facility in Savignano sul Panaro. The first stage is scheduled for completion by the first quarter of 2017, with an investment of 20 million Euro, and it consists of building a traditional production line, but with two presses of extremely high tonnage, a kiln such that it can increase output by about 2 million sqm per year, grinding and handling systems for the production on a large scale of the large formats currently manufactured at the Ceramica del Conca facility in San Clemente.

The second stage”, explains Paolo Mularoni, the new President of Ceramica Faetano, the parent company of the DEL CONCA GROUP “was originally scheduled for 2017/2019 with an investment of additional 15 million Euro and an additional production increase of 3 million sqm per year, and has gained considerable momentum. Indeed, today we’re announcing that the second stage has been brought forward and will be put in place at the same time as the first stage, thus bringing the investment into Pastorelli to 35 million Euro”.

The second stage of this project consists of building a continuous press system, CONTINUA PLUS, designed to produce large slabs and large planks (reference measurement: 240 cm in length), highly requested by the market and professionals in the sector.

It’s not just our call to look at the futureToday it is a must because we’re working in an increasingly complex market”, Paolo Mularoni confirms, “and we have to tackle issues related to ever increasing globalisation, strong local and international competition, increasingly complex forms of distribution, new types of customers who are more and more informed and demanding. Current investments enable us to aspire to an increase in turnover of about 30-40% within a period of 3 to 5 years”.